Required Documents for Credential Evaluation

Required Documents for Credential Evaluation

We require specific documents depending on the type of evaluation selected - Course-by-Course or General. This article provides clarity on the documents necessary for each evaluation type.

1. Course-by-Course Evaluation:

  1. What is it? This evaluation offers an equivalency with credits, grades, and GPA.
  2. Required Documents:
    1. Transcript: This is mandatory and must be an official version. We do not accept student copies of transcripts. In some cases, transcripts may need to be mailed directly to Scholaro by the issuing institution.
    2. Diploma: We advise customers to provide their diploma to validate that a benchmark credential was awarded.
Note: Depending on the country and education level, there might be additional documents required. If additional documentation is needed, we'll inform you within one business day of your order.

2. General Evaluation:

  1. What is it? This evaluation provides one equivalency without credits, grades, or GPA.
  2. Required Documents:
    1. Diploma: The final diploma is typically required for general evaluations. However, to ensure accuracy, we encourage the submission of both the transcript and diploma when feasible.

Additional Notes:

  1. Homeschooling:
    1. We generally do not evaluate homeschool credits due to varying standards.
    2. Documentation directly from the student or parent is not accepted.
    3. For documents from an official education provider, consider our Preliminary Review for a comprehensive evaluation.
  2. Preliminary Review :
    1. For uncertain or unique documentation requirements, our Preliminary Review can help identify what's needed for an accurate assessment.
  3. Document Submission:
    1. Language: Provide a color copy of each official document in its native language (front and reverse sides). If the documents are not in English, you can either submit a certified English translation or order the translation alongside your evaluation.
    2. How to Submit: Documents can be photographed or scanned and uploaded electronically when placing an order on the Scholaro website. Alternatively, they can be sent electronically via platforms like Truecopy, Worldwide Transcripts, Digitary, among others.
    3. Supported File Types: Preferred file format is PDF, though PNG and JPG are also accepted.


Providing comprehensive and appropriate documentation is essential for an accurate evaluation. For any uncertainties, always consult our team. At Scholaro, we're dedicated to assisting you throughout the process.

For further inquiries or to begin your evaluation, please visit the Scholaro website.