Guide to Requesting a Quote for Credential Evaluation/Translation Services from Scholaro for the Child Care Aware of Minnesota Scholarship

Guide to Requesting a Quote for Credential Evaluation/Translation Services from Scholaro for the Child Care Aware of Minnesota Scholarship

If you are applying for a scholarship from Child Care Aware of Minnesota and require credential evaluation or translation services, this guide will help you obtain a quote from Scholaro. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

Step 1: Select Services on Scholaro’s Website
  1. Begin by visiting Scholaro's ordering page: Scholaro Ordering Services.
  2. Select the services that align with the requirements of the Child Care Aware of Minnesota scholarship. It’s important that the services you choose correspond exactly to the scholarship criteria.

Step 2: Upload Required Documents
  1. Upload any documents that need to be evaluated. This may include academic transcripts or other relevant certifications.
  2. If your documents are not in English or if they lack an official certified translation, remember to select the translation service provided by Scholaro.

Step 3: Navigate to Checkout and Obtain Quote
  1. After selecting your services and uploading documents, proceed to the checkout page.
  2. Instead of completing the payment process, take a screenshot of the checkout page or save it as a PDF. This is an important step as it will be used to generate your quote.

Step 4: Email the Screenshot or PDF to Scholaro
  1. Send the screenshot or PDF file of the checkout page to Scholaro at
  2. This action allows Scholaro to review the selected services and uploaded documents to create an accurate quote.
  3. In your email, use the same email address that you used to register on the Scholaro website to ensure consistency.
  4. Clearly state in your email that the request is for a quote related to the Child Care Aware of Minnesota scholarship.

Step 5: Wait for Quote Approval
  1. Once you have submitted your request, Scholaro will send the quote to Child Care Aware of Minnesota for approval.
  2. After the quote is approved, Scholaro will proceed with the evaluation of your documents as per the scholarship’s requirements.

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